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The Reader's Letter - 15/10/2023

Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ,

How many times have we often forgot to say thank you, to friends, family, work colleagues or anyone? Do we unconsciously take people for granted? Especially those nearest and dearest to us? Reading the Gospel for today (Matthew 22 1-14), I wondered if I had become like one of the guests making light of the meals that have been set before me? I must admit that over the years I have become used to not cooking meals at home. This week I have not been feeling 100% and nor has my husband, this cold/flu type bug had affected both of us. It has made me think about the thousands of meals that he has prepared and cooked without having been asked, and may not have been thanked for? But what about those people who we do not realise have helped: - That phone call to see how we are. - The friend that pops round for coffee. - The people that set up the Church for worship. - Bell ringers, welcomers, Old and New Testament readers, intercessors. - The people that create and send the Star. - Neighbours, work colleagues, students, shop assistants, postmen and postwomen. The list is endless. I wonder of the effect those two words can have on all of us “Thank You” for what you do.

Janna Bond

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