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Looking at Poverty - 01/10/2023

Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ, In our world today, it is difficult to comprehend why there is extreme wealth and extreme poverty. During the summer break, we went ‘Morph hunting’ in London, like a treasure hunt looking for a 6ft Morph to photograph. The map took us through the various sights and sounds of London. We could not miss the people sitting in the street with paper cups or tins, some with a dog, others asleep on their ‘bed.’ We knew that some of these may not have been genuine, but it does make you wonder how those with real needs came to be in their current position. I noticed a Big Issue vendor standing near a Morph, and it was not surprising the number of people that walked past, eyes averted, and giving the seller a wide berth. I had seen the clip of the Prince of Wales selling the Big Issue. The vendor pays £2.00 for the magazines and sells them for £4.00 and every vendor has a unique story. I must admit I was curious about the magazine and found it has some very interesting articles. Further afield, in Uganda, the Bishop of St Albans Harvest Appeal “Cracking Food Poverty Together,” reminds me that poverty is worldwide, and any contribution is welcome. Janna Bond.

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