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75th Anniversary of Windrush - 25/06/2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Ordination: Our Curate Pete Farquhar will be ordained to the priesthood on Friday 30th June at 7:30pm at Elstow Abbey. Please pray for Pete as he enters this stage of his ordained ministry. Pray, too, for his family as they support him in this stage of his ministry.

75th Anniversary of Windrush: There have been various events and celebrations across the country to mark 75 years since the arrival of the HMT Empire Windrush in Britain on 22nd June 1948. On board were more than 800 passengers from the Caribbean. There will be a Thanksgiving Service at St. Mary’s Church, Luton this Sunday at 1:30pm. There is value in commemorating events such as this. The Bishop of Belize (Formerly British Honduras) Rt. Rev. Philip Wright who has been in the Diocese in the past week said, “It is good to celebrate the good things so that we can find healing in the things we find difficult.” Although we remember the struggles and the wounds, we also acknowledge the progress that has been made and find space to celebrate and thank God.

God of Colour and light and diversity

We thank you for the gift of the Windrush Generation.

We celebrate their legacy, we rejoice in their gifts, and we repent of our blindness to the beauty you have created.

We repent of our failures to honour their stories and their sacrifices.

Help us to strive for a better world, where all your children can flourish and the whole Earth praise your name.


Revd Jairo Nyaongo

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