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Can You Hear Me? - 19/03/2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It has been an interesting few weeks. Many of you may not know, but about three weeks ago, I lost my voice completely and it is just returning. Communication with people has been interesting; a mini whiteboard and a text-to-talk app. have been very useful. Being unable to teach, I have been at home; it has been a quiet couple of weeks for David! The real meaning of a message is not always clear and there was one I received that needed conversations and prayers. Questions arose in my mind; do I feel with my head or my heart? Having the time at home gave me the opportunity to have the conversations I needed and times for extra prayer. Liz’s sermon on Sunday was heartfelt, especially the reminder of the parable about the Good Samaritan at the 11 o’clock service. God works in mysterious ways. What, I can feel you asking, was the message? I will let you know next time I am in church.

Janna Bond

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