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Fibonacci in Nature - 18/060/2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Rev’d Peter mentioned numbers in his sermon last week. And being someone that loves numbers, I need to mention the Fibonacci sequence. This one sequence is presented in nature in numerous formats. My question would be to Leonardo Fibonacci (who was born in the 13th century) what inspired you: playing with sequences? or looking at nature and seeing the number patterns? He also worked on Indian and Arabic mathematics and all without the aid of a calculator! I remember when in school, calculators were relatively new; we had to use maths logbooks for complex calculations. I am not sure I would remember how to use logarithms now. Sometimes we need to stop and remind ourselves of the wonder of nature; the wonder of God. I am amazed at where we can see the Fibonacci sequence in nature: in sunflowers, shells and even in Artwork. Let us all take a moment or two to look around us and see the numbers in nature.

Thank you, God, for the wonder of nature.


Janna Bond

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