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Fruits of the Spirit - 10/09/2023

Returning to work this week, I was reminded of the nine fruits of the Spirit. (Read Galatians 5.22-23). Listening to the music that Roy played on the organ on Sunday, I felt that we all had one, or even several, fruits of the Spirit. Here are a few thoughts that I had: Love – A love of music. Joy – To be able to feel the joy of listening to live music. Peace – To have a moment of peace just letting the sound surround you. Patience - To have the patience and perseverance to practice again and again. Kindness – To be kind enough to let us hear your music. Generosity – The generosity of the people who organised and set up cameras so we could see the performance. Faithfulness – To be able to come to the recital year after year. Self-control – To wait for others to start the buffet. (I must admit I may have failed on this one). A thought for you – Are we able to find the fruits of the spirit - one, or perhaps all, in our daily lives?

Janna Bond

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