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The Curate's Letter - 24/09/2023

Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ, How often do we compare ourselves to others? I do it regularly! Comparing ourselves to others is not a new thing of course, and we see it throughout scripture. It warns us that it can become an unhealthy habit, as we end up looking down on others (Luke 18.9-14). Jesus teaches us in our Gospel passage today it come from a sense that God is unfair, and that he does not have a right to be more generous to others than He is to us. (Mathew 20.1-16). If we apply Jesus’ teaching from Matthew’s Gospel, and overcome comparison by focussing on the great blessings that God has given us individually, then we can change our thinking, and recognise, deep down, that God is good. God is love, and from God all good things come. I encourage you this week to take time out of your day and to take time to thank God for everyday blessings, whatever they may be. Rev’d Pete Farquhar

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