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The Curate's Letter - 26/11/2023

Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ,

There are wonderful resources available at this time of year for reflection and devoting time to God. I for one, use an app (which is totally free) called the “Bible App from ‘YouVersion’’” At the time of starting to write this curate’s letter, the apps counter (of how many times it had been installed) was 622,450,179 times! By the end of writing this (and it was only enough time to enjoy a cup of tea) the counter was up to 622,452,687! That is over 2,500 new people engaging with the bible through the app. I will be starting a twenty-five-day advent plan on the 1st of December. Each day the app will have a bible passage to look at with a short devotional, thinking on the verses and how we can apply it to our lives as we journey through advent. It takes about ten minutes a day. If you would like to join me, then I would be happy to help with installing the app and navigating it. Also, I am offering to host a WhatsApp group for those that would like to join, so we can encourage each other, and talk through any aspects of the daily passage or devotional.

In His service,

Revd Pete Farquhar

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