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The Vicar's Letter - 03/03/2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

As a parish, we remain open to different ways of reaching out and engaging with our local community so that we can continue to share God’s love. One of the things we are doing is to invite children and families to our services and events. We have had conversations with different people in the community, and recently we agreed with Laura Mathurin, who runs Young Growers Club, to start a similar group at St. Augustine’s church. We have agreed to run a monthly Young Growers Club on the first Saturday of the month starting from 6th April. The aim is to help transform the outdoor space alongside the parish hall into a lovely, productive space for the community to enjoy whilst teaching families to grow food. It is also our way of taking church ‘outside’ - into the community. The club will be free to attend but we need some resources to help us get it up and running. Ideally, we will need compost, wood, to make some raised beds, seeds and potentially a few tools. If you can support this project in any way, please let us know. It is our hope and prayer that this club will have a link with the work of Messy Church and other groups in the parish. Lord Jesus, you call us to follow you, give us courage to reach out to others, and hope to believe we can make a difference.


Rev’d Jairo Nyaongo

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