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The Vicar's Letter - 16/06/2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Discovering new ways for growth can help in sustaining the life of our church. We therefore need to continuously work towards finding different approaches of learning and engaging in mission and ministry. These approaches can help us reach out to people from diverse backgrounds and generations. The call requires us to engage in prayer and learning about what God is doing among us and how we can effectively join in. As we seek the growth of the church, we also seek our own growth in faith and knowledge about God. Our Diocese will host a “Leading Your Church into Growth Conference” between 27th and 29th September 2024. This is a residential conference which is aimed at inspiring growth in churches across the diocese. Further information is available in the leaflets at the back of the church. May God who brought us together to serve Him in this church help us to remain faithful in our walk with Him.


Rev. Jairo Nyaongo

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