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The Vicars Letter - 02/07/2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On this fourth Sunday after Trinity, we are reminded of the importance of hospitality. Jesus tells us that when we welcome anyone, we welcome Him and when we welcome Him, we also welcome God the Father who sent Him. With any act of welcoming, there is a reward of honour and glory as it is not only regarded as welcoming Jesus in our community, but also participating in the work of the kingdom of God. Lord Jesus, you welcomed all who came into your presence. May we too have the same spirit of welcoming so that we can continue to offer hospitality in our homes, churches, and community.

Prayers of Intercession: We have a very good tradition of praying for all those who have asked us for prayers. This has been a blessing to so many and we would welcome all updates on their progress as we continue to walk with them through the intercessions.

Revd Jairo Nyaongo

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