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What is Your Cup? - 21/05/2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Last Sunday Rev’d Pete had me thinking. I wonder what is in my cup? I feel that when life throws us those curve balls, we all react in different ways. Working in education can be frustrating at times; when you have students, you feel they could achieve more. Hopefully my cup in those times is filled with patience, kindness and caring. How many of you watched the Eurovision Song Contest? I realised a couple of weeks ago that I was able to sing some hymns again - without having a sore throat afterwards. I am still a bit hesitant and probably need to sing more. I’m not sure that David will appreciate this though! Music reaches and affects us in different ways - from the majestic Zadok the Priest, to the diverse music of the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as the hymns and anthems on Sundays. God has given us talented musicians in all shapes and forms and in my cup, I have a great love for music. Thank you, God.

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